Our Virtual Sanctions Summit is shaping up to be the largest gathering of sanctions compliance professionals the world has ever seen. At 60 days out, we have over 400 registrants. Expected attendance is well over 800.

If you have never sponsored (or even participated in a virtual conference, we would love to show you how it works (click here to schedule a demo).

Here are some basic differences:

  • Easier One to One Conversations with the Attendees: Rather than having to email or scan the lunch crowd, you can take advantage of our virtual instant messaging system to contact any attendee signed into the Summit.
  • Easier Integration of Your Marketing Messages: Instead of banners and tables, your video ad will run throughout the Summit, just like a TV commercial. In addition, your contact info can be displayed during the actual presentations.

To learn more about how you can feature your products and services in our Virtual Sanctions Summit and get noticed by hundreds of sanctions professionals in just a few hours, simply fill out the form below.

Thank you!

The Association of Certified Sanction Specialists